Cloudfactory - Hypersense

Except working on his new electronic band/project TOMISLAV, Matija Vojvodic aka Cloudfactory is finalizing his debut album called “Floodlight” for LebensStrasse Records. It will be out on CD and vinyl. If we have to describe it in genres, it would be: electronic / field recording / dream hop / future beats. 

Article about this song on XLR8R:


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Thundercat - For Love I Come (Tree Bootleg)

This is a Bootleg I sampled off vinyl of Thundercats 'For Love I Come'. I know the rules say that we should post Bootlegs do to legality issues, however, my label R&S Records went through the trouble to get Ninja Tune & Brainfeeders permission to give this song away free.

Sound Strider - “The Stakes”

Sound Strider is electronic music artist who truly exemplifies the underground spirit and sees dance music in a philosophical/spiritual way. From playing countless shows in France's thriving Free Tekno scene in front of crowds ranging from 30,000 plus, to week long "teknivals" and 50 man all nighters in abandoned chateaus, Sound Strider is passionate about the potentials for intelligent dance music (IDM).

"The Stakes" is taken from Sound Strider's new "Intrepid Travels" EP, available at Bandcamp for free download.

J’lectroniq - Hearbeats

Because the end of this year is near, J'lectroniq decided to put out a brand new EP around Christmas. To celebrate a relatively good year and to show his appreciation for everyone who supported him and his music. The EP will be featuring some older tracks (never released), but also some new productions. Heartbeats is actually one of these new tunes, forthcoming on the Season Finale EP. Expect ambient based beats with his own experimental twist, enjoy!

More info:

Cold World

It is a cold world out there. These guys make some great beatz.

M.deshun, Sean Kompton, IllG8z, produced by Jay Trilla aka BuckMouth Beatz


Beautiful, detuned emotional electronic music that fits somewhere between Clams Casino and Boards of Canada.



New Orleans, LA –

Progressive Hip Hop Band and space pilots, Jealous Monk, successfully completed the first successful space journey from Louis Armstrong airport on Nov. 8 and will release the accompanying documentary “Ants” on Tuesday Nov. 26, 2013.

The Documentary of their journey has already received multiple awards as a part of the 48 Hr. Music Video Project.The “Diplomatic Interstellar Mission of Musical Peace” was the first of its kind sanctioned by NOSA (New Orleans Space Administration). NOSA’s President, Flewy Armstong, said of the group of astronauts, “ Jealous Monk has always been known to innovate and mainly be pretty high, so we knew they would be a great fit.”

This is Jealous Monk’s first successful foray into space travel although Captains, Jermaine Quiz and Infinite have been in talks with extraterrestrial intelligence for years.

“Yeah, we talk to aliens.”, says Quiz. Jealous Monk is a mainstay on the New Orleans Music seen, performing with some of the biggest names in music Nationally, Internationally and now interstellar-ly. The Documentary “Ants” was shot by media conglomerate KaptureNola in association with Fluent Media.  


Oknai - Hold Your Breath

Music Submission

Oknai is an innovative electronic artist from Slovenia who got his rep from his ‘clip-chop’ live sets featuring raw, lo-fi drums, though its rough edges tend to get smoothed over by the wealth of detail, sampled fragments from all over the place and unique arrangements, all tucked someplace between glitchop, hiphop, IDM and the other.



LVRE GANG - April 27

Music Submission

LVRE GANG (Pronounce: Louvre Gang) are an Dutch indie band and the latest project of Afrodisiac Recordings, which consists out of two people: Jasper Bosgraaf (also known by his stagename:J’lectroniq) and Michiel Schuil. They bonded over a mutual appreciation of (hiphop)beats and bands like The XX, Mount Kimbie & Fleet Foxes. This mix of different genres is the key for the way they make music. To give y'all an idea of what this music is about, the guys came together on April the 27th to record this spontaneous jam session. The result of this session is a record with two tracks called 'Printemps' (French for Spring). One of the tracks from Printemps is 'April 27' and especially this track showcases this melting pot of genres like ambient, beats, folk and indie. Which is exactly the message that these guys are trying to put in their music: " People don’t expect the unexpected and things aren’t always what they seem."