A new chick on the hiphop scene. Watch to see an insight behind her life and music.



New track in Post-JRPG, an on-going series of beats and sounds exploring the aesthetic of the now-arcane genre of Japanese role-playing games.



Yung God

Over a spacey, atmospheric instrumental supplied by Yuri Beats, the Zubat rapper is on a completely different mental plane than the other artists in the game. yuribeats.com



J’lectroniq - Luminous Lullaby

It was visible, almost luminous, almost alive, almost like her...

Enjoy J'lectroniq's latest track 'Luminous Lullaby', a warm and yet experimental downtempo electronical tune, so sit back and relax! Oh and you can also download/stream it via his Soundcloud page.


Lapin Lover - Everything is Fine

We are Lapin Lover, we have just released our debut album "Axis Islands" to hear more of our tracks you can visit soundcloud.com/lapinlover


Cloudfactory - Hypersense

Except working on his new electronic band/project TOMISLAV, Matija Vojvodic aka Cloudfactory is finalizing his debut album called “Floodlight” for LebensStrasse Records. It will be out on CD and vinyl. If we have to describe it in genres, it would be: electronic / field recording / dream hop / future beats. 

Article about this song on XLR8R:  http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2013/06/hypersense


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Thundercat - For Love I Come (Tree Bootleg)

This is a Bootleg I sampled off vinyl of Thundercats 'For Love I Come'. I know the rules say that we should post Bootlegs do to legality issues, however, my label R&S Records went through the trouble to get Ninja Tune & Brainfeeders permission to give this song away free.


Sound Strider - “The Stakes”

Sound Strider is electronic music artist who truly exemplifies the underground spirit and sees dance music in a philosophical/spiritual way. From playing countless shows in France's thriving Free Tekno scene in front of crowds ranging from 30,000 plus, to week long "teknivals" and 50 man all nighters in abandoned chateaus, Sound Strider is passionate about the potentials for intelligent dance music (IDM).

"The Stakes" is taken from Sound Strider's new "Intrepid Travels" EP, available at Bandcamp for free download.